Before installing transmission into a motorcycle it is recommended that you verify your shifter/pawl adjustment.

With the transmission in 3rd gear, verify shifter arm has equal movement when shifting down or up. If motion is not equal in both directions then adjustment of the pawl is necessary. See figure 1.

Adjustment Procedure

With transmission in 3rd gear, loosen the pawl adjuster locknut. See figure 2 & 3. Once the locknut is loosened then you can use the pawl adjuster to center the pawl arm on the shift drum dowels. See figure 4 & 5.

Once you have adjusted the pawl assembly so that the shifter arm has equal movement in both directions tighten the locknut down while holding the adjuster in place.
Verify adjustment has not changed.

This procedure can be done with the transmission top installed or removed. This procedure can also be done with the transmission installed in the motorcycle but we recommend checking the adjustment before installation.