How to Install and Adjust Harley Softail Shocks


Shocks for your Softail are designed as a direct bolt on replacement for your stockers. Although they are very similar in appearance, they have vastly improved damping and spring rates. Our shocks do not use the remote reservoir system used on earlier model Softail models.

1. Place motorcycle securely on stand or blocks so the rear wheel is slightly off the ground.

2. Per instructions in a authorized shop manual, remove your old shocks. Note location of the mounting hardware.

3. Install the new shocks using the stock mounting bolts and washers.

4. Tighten all shock mounting bolts to the proper torque specifications (see shop manual for specs).

5. Adjustable shocks have adjustable pre-load to compensate for varying weights. The shock wrench or a Harley Davidson pre-load adjustment wrench is necessary to adjust the pre-load setting.
Spring preload is set by us to the lightest setting. To increase preload for heavier riders/loads/passengers, loosen locknut with the inside portion of the supplied wrench or a 1 1/16" wrench and back it off several turns. Use a shock wrench or a Harley adjustment wrench to turn the adjustment nut counterclockwise to the desired preload setting.
Then tighten the 11/16" lock nut. Both shocks must be adjusted to the same, equal setting.


Maximum preload is reached when the locknut and adjusting nut are turned to the end of the threaded eye (no thread showing). This distance is approximately 1/4". Do not turn the locknut past the last thread!

6. Test ride the bike and make further adjustments if necessary.


Adjusting the preload does not change the shock length.

7. Ride and enjoy.