V-Thunder/Competition Cam TC4102 V-Thunder/Competition Cam TC-4102 Cam Set

Demon’s Part # 0925-1095 Mfg. Part # TC4102


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Designed as a bolt-in cam set for 110in. -117in. engines, but really shines with performance heads and higher compression. Can be used as a bolt-in cam set for 103in. engines, but higher compression is needed. 58mm and larger throttle bodies show big gains in acceleration and throttle response. Very wide power band, pulls great up to 6000 rpm Intake Open: 24.0deg. Intake Closing: 39.0deg. Intake Duration .053in. : 243deg. Intake Max Valve Lift: .569in. Intake Valve Lift at TDC: .211in. Exhaust Open: 57.0deg. Exhaust Closing: 20.0deg. Exhaust Duration .053in. : 257deg. Exhaust Max Valve Lift: .569in. Exhaust Valve Lift at TDC: .189in.