Kuryakyn 578 Crusher TC-25D Bolt-In Cams

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Great low-mid range bolt-in torque cam for 110in. Twin Cams. Can be used with stock pushrods and valve springs. Easy on the valve train and do not require cylinder head modifications. Kit includes new inner cam bearings. Dyno test numbers when run with Crusher exhaust, air cleaner and TTS tuner produced 107 hp and 119 ft. lb. of torque. To simplify installation, use Crusher Easy Install Pushrods Intake Lift: .560in. Exhaust Lift: .560in. Lift at TDC Intake: .184in. Lift at TDC Exhaust: .153in. Opening Intake: 18deg. Opening Exhaust: 46deg. Closing Intake: 38deg. Closing Exhaust: 14deg. Duration Intake: 236deg. Duration Exhaust: 240deg. Lobe Center Intake: 100deg. Lobe Center Exhaust: 106deg.