Frisco Ape Hanger Motorcycle Handlebars

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Frisco Ape Hanger Motorcycle Handlebars

Ah, the classic Frisco bar, perfect for adding that touch of personalization to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle or for almost any build project you could think to take on. A timeless design with simple, smooth radiused bends at the top and sharp right angles at the bottom. Made from the finest materials and in finished in show chrome or gloss back so you’re sure to make a statement when you pull up to your next ride!

Frisco Ape Hanger Motorcycle Handlebars features:

  • 1.25"" diameter steel design with holes for internal wiring
  • 1"" riser clamping area and hand control/grip area
  • 3.5"" on-center knurling for firm mounting and 5” mounting area width
  • 34.5"" wide from tip to tip
  • 6"" pullback