Mirrors Installation

Mirrors are the most basic and at the same time one of the most noticeable accessories. The greatest thing about the custom mirrors is that they will not put you in a poor house and can be installed in just a couple of minutes by anyone. There are hundreds of styles of custom mirrors out there to match and improve a style of any motorcycle. They range from polished to chrome to anodized finishes and style very from OEM to outrageous tribal and flamed. Adding great looking custom mirrors to your bike is probably the cheapest way to ad a custom touch to your ride.

Most bikes have circular convex mirrors, which show more of the road behind than flat mirrors, although they do make objects appear farther away than they actually are. Below are some tips for using both types.

Check your mirrors every few seconds because traffic situations change quickly. Doing so prevents you from getting caught off guard when someone's trying to pass you.
Practice using convex mirrors by stopping and picking out a parked car that's behind you. Try to guess how far away it is, then turn around to see how accurate your guess was.
Allow extra distance when changing lanes and signal every time.
Use your mirrors and look over your shoulder when preparing for a lane change. Make sure no one is trying to pass you. Check your mirrors before slowing down or stopping suddenly. Keep in mind that the driver behind you may not be expecting you to slow down, stop or turn.
Watch for cars approaching from behind when you're stopped at an intersection. If the drivers aren't paying attention, they might not see you until you meet by accident.
Every year there are over 300,000 lane-changing and merging traffic accidents. Over 700 of these accidents result in fatalities

Mirrors Installation Instructions:

You will need: ¼" allen wrench and Locktite for Harley-Davidson motorcycles or 14mm and 9mm open end wrenches and Locktite for metric motorcycles.

For Harley installation use the original holes in hand control assemblies. Choose bolts of appropriate length for your model. Make sure that you apply some Locktite to the bolts before tightening them.

For metric motorcycles use standard-to-metric thread bolt adopters. Notice: Yamaha motorcycles use left and right thread screws. Make sure to use Locktite on both ends of thread adopters. Using a 9mm open end wrench screw in the adopter into each mirror. Make sure that the tightening bolt is in its highest position on the metric thread, then screw in the metric portion of adopter into your mirror socket. Tighten the bolt with 14mm open end wrench.