Mirrors Choices

My bike is a simply beautiful, gleaming of chrome and paint so perfect it looks like you could touch it an pull back wet fingers. Just sitting on that solo seat reaching up to start my dream machine, what do I see... Those God awful ugly stock mirrors. YUCK! What can I do? My dream machine has an ugly set of mirrors, this simply won't work.
So once again its customizing time, mirrors hmmmm....

From the earliest recorded history, humans have been fascinated by reflections.
Narcissus was supposedly bewitched by his own reflection in a pool of water.
Mirrors have advanced from reflective pools and polished metal surfaces to clear glass handheld and bathroom mirrors. Man-made mirrors have been in existence since ancient times. The first mirrors were often sheets of polished metal and were used almost exclusively by the ruling classes.
But that was olden times, along came the automobile, and some say that it was a woman who first came up with using a mirror for safety. She noticed while looking into her pocket mirror that she could see traffic coming at the car she was in. Thus you have it, mirrors for safety, not just vanity.
Ok short history lesson over, let's get on to the main point here.

Now we all know that mirrors are large so you can see lots. But let's face it even with mirrors there are still blind spots. So turning your head to double check before switching lanes is always a good idea. With that in mind now do I replace my stock mirror, with a Harley knock off? An exact copy of the factory mirror in powder coated black? Or a custom mirrors that's functional as well as stylish? Or something wild such as the Maltese style reminders of the 70s era choppers? Back when sex was still safe and motorcycles were dangerous! Something with a flame stem to match my shift rod and forward controls?
Hey that's it, a matching set!!!! Now my tribal forward controls, tribal shift rod and mirrors will match! Now installing is a breeze, they are threaded in the stem. Simply run your bolt that threads into your stock hand controls. This great feature eliminates the requirement to purchase clumsy thread adapters to install custom billet mirrors on your bike.
Also for you metric riders, for reference, Kawasaki, Honda, Victory, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Buell and Suzuki use 10mm bolts. Yamaha also uses the same 10mm bolt but only on the left (or clutch) side. The right(throttle) side is a 10mm bolt with left hand (or reverse)threads. Simply thread into the mirror and then into your hand controls.
Ok now time to go riding, see ya on the road.