Missouri Riders Seeing Red:

For most drivers, red means stop. But if you're riding a motorcycle or a bicycle in Missouri, it will soon mean stop, but only sort of. A new Missouri law that took effect August 28, allows motorcycle and bike riders to run red lights, but only if they stop first and the signal remains red for an "unreasonable time".

Missouri joins a growing number of states that have enacted similar laws, which are intended to address occasions when motorcycles or bikes aren't detected by traffic signal sensors in the road. Many traffic signals are triggered by a magnetic reaction coupled with wires embedded in the pavement. The wires are sized in such a way that they are more likely to be tripped by a car or a truck, but some motorcycles and bikes tend not to trip the signal because they have less mass and are made with parts that aren't attracted to a magnet.

Missouri is the eighth state to pass this kind of law since 2002, and three other states considered similar legislation this year.