Billet Hub Installation on a Wheel

Included in Billet Hub Set are the Left and Right hubs for the application that you ordered, the Bearing Spacer, and five (5) 7/16" SHCS bolts. The Kit also includes a small tube of thread lock. Also, two Installation Tools have been provided.

The Left-side Hub is shown in the illustration and is identified by the counter-bored holes for the Bolts. The Right-side Hub's identified as the Hub with threaded holes for the Bolts.

Exception: On Springer Front models (FXST and FLSTS), the Front Billet Hubs are reversed, because the Brake Rotor mounts on the right-side of the motorcycle.

Wheel to Hub Assembly
1 . Place the Right Hub face down (Part Number up) and place the Wheel onto the Right Hub. Align the Boll holes
2 . Install the Bearing Spacer.
3. Place the Left Hub onto the Wheel, and align the Bolt holes.
4. Apply a small amount of thread lock on each Bolt and install by hand.
5. Place the Axle through the Assembly to ensure that the Hubs are properly centered.
6. Using a criss-cross pattern, torque the 7/16" Bolts to 55ft.-lbs.
Assemble the Axle (#7) and 2 Bearing Install Tools (see #8) as shown in the Illustration.
9. Tighten the Axle Nut (#, 10) to 50ft. lbs. This fully seats the Bearing (#4) into the Hub (#3). There should be no Bearing Spacer (#5) end-play.
10. If you have a pre-2000 application, there are additional Hub Adapter Rings (2) supplied. They install in a step in each Hub and provide a seat for the Brake Rotor and Drive Pulley. The flat side of the Adapter Ring should goes against the Sealed Bearing.

Helpful Hints
1. Make sure that all Wheel and Hub surfaces are clean.
2. On directional style wheels, ensure that both the Front and Rear Wheels are assembled in the correct direction.
0.010" shims can be ordered to eliminate Bearing Spacer end-play.