18" Rise Ape Hangers "El Diablo" Fat 1-1/4" Diameter with Hand Controls for Harley Dressers Baggers 1996-07 Motorcycles

All components are brand new and have been assembled by professional Harley-Davidson certified mechanic.
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    Chrome 18" Rise 'El Diablo' Ape Hangers
    with Hand Control Kit
    and Chrome Switches

    For Harley-Davidson Touring (Dresser / Bagger) models from 1996 to 2007

    May work on throttle-by-wire models with custom fitting and any custom application

    This listing is for complete 1-1/4" fat handlebar set-up. All components are triple-plated chrome top quality parts, featuring smooth hidden mounting hand controls, hidden wiring and chrome switches.

    All components are brand new and have been assembled by professional Harley-Davidson certified mechanic.
    Official Harley-Davidson service guidebook rates the hand switches wire installation job as a 2.5 hour job, valued at $235.

    This handlebars come fully and professionally assembled, ready to be installed on your motorcycle in minutes.

    Here is what you are getting:

    Smooth-Contour Hand Controls
    Unique design has hidden underside mounting
    on the switch housings for
    an unobstructed smooth, rounded surface on the top housing.
    11/16" Bore master cylinder. For dual disc application.
    with radio controls and NO cruise control
    (Please contact us first if you are looking for a dual disc set-up)

    This is top quality kit.
    Much higher quality than HD or any aftermarket product. Simply the best.

    Retail $402.99


    Chrome 'El Diablo'
    Swedged Apehangers
    18" Rise 1-1/4" Handlebars
    for Bagggers/Dressers

    Show chromed!
    18" rise. 11" backward sweep. 1 1/4"-diameter. Center section tapers to 1" so that standard handlebar controls fit.
    37" wide from tip to tip.
    Come with drilled wiring holes.

    Retail $210.99


    Chrome Switches and Wire Harness

    High quality chrome switches for Dresser hand controls with radio control and NO cruise control.
    Wires are soldered and color-coded for easy installation.

    Retail $206.99


    Total package price: 402.99
    Professional Installation 235.00
    Total: $1055.97


    How to Install New Handlebar

    Ever notice how most fine artists depict the devil? They draw this demon
    from hells wings as having sharp angles. This vision was not lost on
    Demons Cycles. Its new 1 1/4"-inch El Diablo handlebars sure remind us of
    devil wings. No matter the imagery, we thought they have a real cool look, as
    did Navy Seaman Mario Guerrero.

    1. The El Diablo handlebars owe their sinister look to their severe angles and gusset plates. They are

    fabricated from 1 1/4"-inch tubing and powder coated black.

    2. Our starting point, a 2007 Dyna Street-Bob: the dash, gas tank, and hand controls already have been removed.

    3. The new handlebars have oblong holes to run the control wiring in and out through.

    4.  air nozzle is used to blow the lead  string through the bars,Then a length of
    rope is attached to the string and pulled through
    the bars.

    5. The rope was used to pull the controls wire harnesses through the bars.

    6. The factory risers wer used to mount the new bars.

    7. Because the bars are T inch in diameter at  their center mounting position, a stock
    clamp was used

    8. The control switches were mounted to the bars and their harnesses fined over the top triple tree and routed into the frame.

    9. The switch wiring exits the front of the switch housing and into the bars.

    10. Once the switch houseing were in the place the front brake and clutch levers were attached to the bars

    11. These stunning bars sure remind us of devil wings.

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    Additional Info
    Bars By Style El Diablo
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