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Waxing Your Motorcycle

Your bike will be screaming for wax whenever water won't bead into little round balls on the surface. You will find a variety of waxes when you visit the internet or your local store. No matter which wax you choose, you want to give your paint a clear layer that adds shine, protects the clearcoat, and is designed to let dirt and other such elements slide off. Most waxes contain some amount of mild cleanser which will rub out the visilble surface dirt.

Apply wax to any surface in plain sight. On hidden surfaces, a corrosion protectant offers equal or better protection, with not much gloss. It doesn't matter as it is only the protection that is important there. Make sure you wipe off any excess wax in any of the crevices. It is easiest to wipe off when the wax is fresh and soft rather than after it has hardened.

Also remember to always wax your chrome. Waxing is great for chrome. It repels water. That helps keep the chrome from corroding. To really make the chrome sparkle spray lightly with a window cleaning solution to remove any excess wax and dust residue. It will make it shine.

Wax is a protective cover for your bike. So, when you are rubbing it out - don't rub it off. If you are looking for a really superior shine you need polish, not wax. Once a finish is "polished" to a state of shininess, it should be protected with a wax of one make or another to seal the rather porous stuff known as paint. Remember, washing is the first thing, then polish, then, use a wax if you want to seal in the shine.

There are many good waxes out on the market. Use or get one cheap that is easy to use. The softer, the easier to get on and off but the harder the wax the longer the protection. That is the basic rule. A cream is much easier to apply but if it is a paste or a hard solid it will last longer. Either way you want to keep the bike parts covered to protect them from the hazards of the elements and stop the corrosion process for as long as possible.