Complete Drive Line Set 1984-94 Softail Parts List

Complete Drive Line Set 1984-94 Softail

Includes all neccessary parts for 1989-1994 models with 82-link chain drive, 66 tooth ring gear, 3-hole chrome primary cover, 9 friction/8 steel clutch set, late model chain tensioner and more.

1A. Clutch shell 1989-93 37-66T 14. Retaining ring.
1B. Clutch shell 1994-97 36-102T 15. Seat, clutch spring
1C. Clutch shell 1994-97 36-66T 16. Retaining ring
1D. Clutch shell 1998-06 36-102T 17A. Chrome derby cover, 3-hole
1E. Clutch shell 1998-06 36-66T 17B. Chrome derby cover, 5-hole
2A. Clutch hub 1989-97 18. Inspection plate
2B. Clutch hub 1998-06 19A. Outer Cover 3-hole 1989-94
3A. Chain, primary 82 links 19B. Outer Cover 3-hole 1995-97
3B. Chain, primary 76 links 19C. Outer Cover 5-hole 1998-06
4A. Compensating sprocket kit 24T 19D. Outer Cover 5-hole 1989-94
4B. Compensating sprocket kit 25T 20A. Housing 1994-06
5A Nut, main shaft 20B. Housing 1994-06
5B Nut, main shaft w/oil seal (dry clutch) 21. Housing mounting hardware
6A. Top pressure plate, 1989-97 22. Cover mounting hardware
6B. Top pressure plate, 1998-06 23A. Jackshaft oil seal 1989-93
7A. Diaphram spring 1989-97 23B. Jackshaft oil seal 1994-06
7B. Diaphram spring 1998-06 24. Main shaft oil seal 1989-06
8A. Clutch kit 89-97 (8 steel, 9 friction) 25A. Primary derby inspection gaskets 89-97
8B. Clutch kit 98-06 (8 steel, 9 friction) 25B. Primary derby inspection gaskets 98-06
10. Chain tensioner kit 1989-06 26A. Roller OEM bearing (for wet clutch)
11. Release plate 26B. Sealed ball bearing (for dry clutch)
12. End, push rod left 1989-06 27. Retaining ring bearing
13. Retaining ring (external)