Harley Wheels

Custom Harley Wheels & Wheel Components

Motorcycle wheels are something that people shouldn’t skimp on, since the wheels and tires are the foundation of your ride. At some point you’re going to want to swap out your stock Harley-Davidson wheels or custom chopper wheels - and when you do, Demon’s Cycle is here for you. Buying quality new wheels will save you time and give you peace of mind that they are sturdy and secure. A top-of-the-line set of aftermarket motorcycle wheels will keep you safe and take you far and wide for years to come.

Our selection of spoke Harley wheels is something we’re very proud of. With a huge catalog consisting of 40 spoke, 60 spoke, 80 spoke, and the thicker 48 spoke wheels, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a larger collection in one place. Besides our own Demon’s Cycle standard spoke wheels, we also carry Ultima and Mid-USA V-Factor spoke wheels; additionally, we carry Demon’s Cycle Fat Spoke, Ultima King Spoke, and Harddrive Big Spoke wheels. All our spoke wheels come in a variety of finish options including all chrome, black with chrome nipples, and black with chrome spokes and nipples. Besides finish, our spoke motorcycle wheels also have a variety of options to choose from including rim size and width, front or rear position, single disc or dual disc, wide glide, bearing size (1“, 3/4” or 25mm), CUSH drive and ABS. Another great thing about our spoke wheels is that many are sealed so that you can use them with or without a tube.

While we specialize in spoke wheels, we also have solid, one piece aluminum wheels. We carry Ultima’s Vortex and Manhattan wheels, which are CNC machined from billet aluminum and have an aggressive custom style. We also carry Virtue, Heathen, and Luxe wheels from Performance Machine, which are forged from the highest quality aluminum and have a high-end look, especially when in the platinum cut finish.

Besides wheels, we also carry wheel components including a large selection of wheel spacers and sealed bearings from Ultima and Demon’s Cycle. If the wheels don’t add enough of a custom look for you, we also carry axle caps from Paul Yaffe’s Baggernation that will put the look of your wheels over the top.

Here at Demon’s Cycle, we are obsessed with quality and are committed to providing every single one of our valued customers with the very best in aftermarket and custom motorcycle parts. Besides fully built spoked wheels, which include a rim, hub, spokes, nipples, and bearings we also carry a wide variety of handlebars, grips, triple trees and so much more. We also have great Scratch & Dent and Sale & Closeout sections which occasionally have wheels at deep discounts if you’re looking to save a few extra bucks. We’re always just a phone call or email away to answer any questions you may have about your bike and what parts are the best fit for it.