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Your motorcycle shocks set the entire tone for the type of ride you’ll have, and no one wants a messy, bumpy, hard-to-handle bike. If it feels like your ride is rougher than it used to be, it may be time to replace the shocks and/or front fork springs on your Harley Davidson. Why put your body and bike through the ringer when you can get new custom motorcycle shocks and fork springs to easily fix the problem?

We at Demon’s Cycle know that the more comfortable you are riding your bike, the happier you’ll be. When tuning your motorcycle’s front suspension, you’ll want to make sure you use quality shocks for the best ride possible. To ensure you have a smooth ride we offer a wide variety of motorcycle shocks for the most popular suspension types, including sport, air suspension, slim body, and rear air suspension kits from Dirty Air, so you can replace your rear shocks at the same time.

While your motorcycle’s front fork springs shouldn’t wear down easily it can happen and besides untimely wear you may just want the smoothest ride possible. If this sounds like you, take a look at our top-of-the-line, progressive rated front fork replacement coil springs from Burly Brand and Progressive Suspension. However, if you’re happy with the ride your springs provide, but are looking to lower your Harley Davidson, we also have front fork lowering kits and suspension lowering kits from LA Choppers, Progressive Suspension, and Burly Brand. These all-in-one kits enable you to change the way your bike handles, as well as adds a killer custom look to your ride.

If you’ve got new shocks and are missing the hardware, we’ve got you covered there too. We carry standard shock mounting bolts as well as lowering kit bolts from Demon’s Cycle and MidWest. It never hurts to have extra hardware on hand, just in case one of those pesky bolts rolls away and disappears on you.

Along with carrying high-quality motorcycle shocks, front fork springs, lowering kits, and hardware, we also carry a wide variety of air intake systems, shift rods, motorcycle batteries, and so much more. We’re always just a phone call or email away to answer any questions you may have about your bike and what parts are the best fit for it.