Motorcycle Mirrors

Custom Motorcycle Mirrors For Harley-Davidson

It's a sad fact that motorists tend to have a blind spot when it comes to people on motorcycles. This means that you must be twice as aware as the person in the vehicle next to you if you want to stay safe on the road. A quality set of mirrors is your best ally in keeping yourself and others protected on the road.

Mirrors are one of those items that are super specific to the individual rider. Whether you want long stem mirrors that look out and above everything, low-profile short stems to focus on your immediate surroundings, or convex wide-angle mirrors that allow you to see everything we have you covered. More than height and side extension, the shape of your Harley-Davidson mirror is also a preference that only you can decide on. The mirrors we offer from Harddrive, MidWest, Paul Yaffe’s Baggernation, and our own Demon’s Cycle brand come in a wide variety of shapes including round, oval, rectangular and tapered, to name just a few. We also have a wide selection of custom shaped mirrors if you’re looking to really make your bike stand apart from the crowd. Most of the rear-view mirrors we offer are made from billet aluminum and come in black, chrome, or a combination of both. The amount of designs available for the stems and back of the mirror head are also numerous which means you should be able to find the exact look you want whether it be a skull head, arrow, flames, or just something that’s sleek and smooth. Some of the mirrors we carry even have built in turn signals.

Whether you’re changing to bar end mirrors, building a custom motorcycle or you just want to adjust the location of your stock Harley-Davidson mirrors you’ll need a few things to make the change a bit quicker. Mirror extension kits and adapters from Harddrive are good to have on hand just in case something isn’t quite fitting right. Additionally, having extra mounting hardware around is also a great idea if one of those bolts or washers disappears on you. Another thought when changing your mirror location is those ugly holes that get left on your fairing right near the windshield. Paul Yaffe’s Baggernation Bagga Chips were designed to cover up those holes and blend right into your fairing making them nothing more than a bad memory.

Here at Demon’s Cycle, we are obsessed with quality and are committed to providing every single one of our valued customers with the very best in aftermarket and custom motorcycle parts. We specialize in more than just custom motorcycle mirrors, we have items that range from handlebars to motorcycle seats and anything else you think of when it comes to your bike. We’re always just a phone call or email away to answer any questions you may have about your bike and what parts are the best fit for it.