How to replace motorcycle brake pads

Brake pads installation and service instructions
This is a simple job that you can perform yourself in one hour without hiring a mechanic.
Start by removing calipers from the forks by unscrewing mounting bolts. Don?t forget to place these bolts neatly where you can find them. You will need them soon. If your calipers have retaining pins remove them too. Now your brake pads will simply fall out. Now is the good time to inspect your brakes you can see how warned they are, pay attention to any cracks or chips. If you came to conclusion that your pads do need to be replaced please proceed. Now it is time to clean all the grime and brake dust out of your pistons (Use brake cleaner $5 for a large can). Check your calipers for leaks and cracks and other wear and tear that could occur. Push pistons into their bores using a large screw driver. Make sure the brake fluid in master cylinder is not overflowing.
Install new brake pads and return clips and retaining pins in their positions. Try to keep the surface of the brake pads free of grease, oil and dirt. Still remember where your caliper mounting bolts are? Use them to bolt the caliper back to the fork. Check your brake fluid level one more time and go slow for the first few miles.

Thanks! Have a wonderful day and ride safe!