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How to Clean and Replace the Air Filter on Your Bike

Apr 29, '21

A guide to motorcycle air filters. Learn when to replace air filters on your motorcycle and why they are essential for your engine.

When to Replace Brake Rotors on a Motorcycle

Mar 23, '21

How can you tell when you need new brake rotors on your motorcycle? Our custom motorcycle shop and aftermarket motorcycle parts retailer know a thing or two about motorcycle maintenance and brake rotors.

Motorcycle Maintenance 101

Mar 9, '21

Properly maintaining your motorcycle will help your custom motorcycle run properly for a long time. Learn how to maintain your motorcycle by the professional aftermarket motorcycle parts retailer, Demon’s Cycle.

Daytona Bike Week 2021

Feb 24, '21

We’re happy to share that Daytona Bike Week 2021 is not canceled. Find more information on the 80th Anniversary of Bike Week here.

How to Calculate Motorcycle Rake and Trail

Oct 17, '20

A Guide and Motorcycle Rake Calculator You Can Use at Home Whether you’re searching for your next motorcycle, interested in custom adjustments, or you just want to understand how motorcycles work, familiarizing yourself with motorcycle trail and motorcycle rake is essential. While relatively simple on the surface, motorcycle trail and...

Softail Rear Lowering Kits and Guide

Oct 17, '20

There’s no denying that lowering the rear on your Softail motorcycle makes it look cool. If you’re interested in taking your custom work to the next level or just want to explore your kit options, Demon’s Cycle is here to help. We make it easy to get the parts you...

Why Use Torque Cones?

Oct 17, '20

Torque cones may seem like an unnecessary extra, but the truth is that there are many reasons to consider adding them to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Before the exhaust valve closes, exhaust gasses can be pulled back into the engine, which can contaminate the fuel and lead to further complications. Here...

Winterize Your Motorcycle: A Guide From Demon’s Cycle

Aug 11, '20

Follow this guide to winterize your motorcycle and storing your bike for next season.