why use torque cones on motorcycle

Why Use Torque Cones?

Oct 17, '20

Torque cones may seem like an unnecessary extra, but the truth is that there are many reasons to consider adding them to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Before the exhaust valve closes, exhaust gasses can be pulled back into the engine, which can contaminate the fuel and lead to further complications.

Here at Demon’s Cycle, we’re dedicated to keeping your bike running right, with advanced motorcycle parts and expert service, maintenance, and customizing advice. If you’re considering adding torque cones to your bike, this guide can help you get started.

The Benefits of Using Torque Cones

Installing torque cones on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle isn’t challenging, but you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the time and money to make the upgrade. Here are a few great benefits to having torque cones on your motorcycle.

They Reduce Exhaust Reversion

As mentioned above, torque cones work to prevent exhaust gasses from getting pulled back into the engine, which sometimes occurs while the exhaust valve is closing and the pistons are descending. This can be hugely problematic because dirty exhaust gasses will contaminate fuel and oxygen, which means less power and lower idle quality. Torque cones can help to prevent that.

They Help to Improve Power

Torque cones are particularly helpful at idle, but they can also help when you’re out on the open road. Because they work to increase exhaust gas velocity, removing it before it can be sucked back into the engine, they can actually increase your motorcycle’s speed and acceleration off the line.

They’re Easy to Install

You can install your torque cones right at home with a few simple tools like the kind you’ll find in our parts catalog here at Demon’s Cycle. They require no permanent modification, so you can always test them out and see if they’re the right fit for your motorcycle, and you don’t need to buy any special appliances. Just have an adjustable wrench on hand.

How Do I Install Torque Cones on my Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?

If you’ve decided that torque cones are right for you, getting started is easy. Here’s what you need to know.

Step One: Allow Your Bike To Cool

Most service projects and upgrades should be performed on a cool bike, to ensure you’re getting the right fit and feedback from the motorcycle. In the case of torque cones, it’s essential to allow your bike to cool down so you don’t get burned or injured while you work.

Step Two: Remove the Foot Brake Rod

Using an adjustable wrench, you’ll want to remove the foot brake rod on the right side of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle and set it safely to the side.

Step Three: Remove the Exhaust Pipe Bolts

The exhaust pipe header bolts are located at the front of the engine block. Loosen and remove them carefully with your adjustable wrench and set them in a bowl or cup to keep them from getting lost. Then remove the rear exhaust pipe mounting bolts.

Step Four: Reveal the Exhaust Pipe Opening

You’ll now want to lower the exhaust pipes until you see the exhaust pipe opening on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Don’t remove them.

Step Five: Insert the Torque Cones

Locate the flange—or flat rim—on both the torque cones and the exhaust pipe. Insert the torque cones small end first into each of the two exhaust pipes until the flange on the cone rests against the flange on the pipe.

Step Six: Return the Pipes and Bolts to Position

Raise the pipes back up and then return the header bolts and mounting bolts to position. Screw the bolts in place with your fingers first and then, once the position is secure, tighten them down with your wrench.

Step Seven: Replace Your Foot Brake Rod

Put the foot brake rod back into place and tighten it down using your wrench.

Step Eight: Test it Out

Start your bike and watch for exhaust leaks or other signs that the parts weren’t adjusted properly. Then take it out on the open road and enjoy the ride!

For more information on upgrading, customizing, and servicing your bike, and for the parts that will keep it running right, trust Demon’s Cycle. Give us a call or explore our online catalog of parts and tools today!