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Motorcycle Maintenance 101

Mar 9, '21

Demon’s Cycle is a custom motorcycle shop and aftermarket motorcycle parts retail company in South Florida. After more than 25 years of building stunning custom motorcycles and selling premium aftermarket motorcycle parts, we know a thing or two about motorcycles. As well as premium parts, Demon’s Cycle riders know the key to a great custom motorcycle is regular maintenance.

Motorcycle Engine Maintenance

An engine is the heart of your custom motorcycle. If you frequently maintain your motorcycle’s engine, the better and longer your bike will run properly. Our experts share a few important things you need to do for proper motorcycle engine maintenance.

Check & Change Engine Oil Frequently

Motorcycle engine oil helps keep the engine running smoothly. If you want your custom motorcycle to run for a long time, you should frequently check it and change the oil if necessary.

The type of oil your motorcycle uses – whether it’s a mineral-based oil, semi-synthetic, or fully synthetic oil – will affect how often you should change your motorcycle engine oil. While 5,000 miles is generally the standard number of miles before a motorcycle oil change, it depends on the type of oil your motorcycle requires and how often it’s in use, among other factors. Consult a manual or a professional mechanic to determine how frequently you should change your motorcycle oil.

Clean the Carburetor

Every six months or 1,000 miles, you should clean your carburetor and maintain the valve clearances. This will help prevent engine build-up so your motorcycle’s performance will remain powerful. If you feel like your motorcycle is sluggish or there is a strong gasoline smell present when your motorcycle is idle, it is recommended to replace the carburetor. This will prevent further damage to your engine.

Check Spark Plugs

The spark plug is one of the most crucial parts of your engine and essential in motorcycle maintenance. Clean the spark plugs with a little bit of engine oil on a hard brush to keep them lubricated and free from engine buildup or debris.

  • Two-stroke motorcycle: clean spark plugs every 500 miles.
  • Four-stroke motorcycle: clean spark plugs every 1,000 miles.

If your engine’s spark plugs are too dirty with oil, fuel, or carbon, replace them immediately to prevent damage to your motorcycle engine.   

Assess the Motorcycle Battery

Perhaps one of the most basic steps in motorcycle maintenance is to examine your motorcycle battery to make sure it’s fully charged and check for leakage. If there is a leak, the battery should be replaced immediately or you risk serious damage to your motorcycle engine. Especially when your motorcycle isn’t being used for a long time, keep the battery fully charged.

Clean Air & Fuel Intake & Replace Air Filters Regularly  

While it’s often an overlooked part of motorcycle maintenance, maintaining the motorcycle air intake and fuel management system will help the engine run smoothly. If the engine’s internal cooling system fails, the engine may overheat, which could cause severe damage. Each air filter needs to be replaced at recommended intervals. Each custom motorcycle has a recommended interval for replacing air filters. If needed, consult with a manual or professional.

Motorcycle Brake Maintenance

Motorcycle brakes should be periodically examined for optimal use. Brakes can be adjusted to the rider’s personal preference and requirements. However, it is recommended that brake pads be replaced if screeching occurs.

Clean the Motorcycle Chain

In order to properly maintain a motorcycle, it’s important to keep your motorcycle chain clean; oil, fuel, carbon, or debris can make it dirty and clog it up, which will affect the performance of the motorcycle.

Note: Do NOT use water to clean chains because it can rust the chain links. Use a small brush or rag with a little engine oil to help lubricate the chain links. Demon’s Cycle offers a variety of chain lube and cleaners to help you keep up with your motorcycle maintenance with premium products.  

Motorcycle Clutch Adjustment

The clutch should not be too tight or too loose so adjust your clutch accordingly to optimize fuel consumption for your motorcycle. Seek the help of a professional if needed.

Replace the Sprockets

Our motorcycle professionals recommend replacing the sprockets after around 25,000 miles of motorcycle use.

Check the Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is a fundamental component of motorcycle maintenance. The recommended tire pressure varies depending on the motorcycle manufacturer, so make sure you consult the manual or contact a professional. A digital tire pressure gauge is a handy device for convenient tire pressure measurements no matter where you are.

Riding speed can affect motorcycle tire pressure, so try to maintain speeds between 65 and 95mph if possible. Check tires frequently for possible cuts or scrapes that can cause a tire blowout. If you spot anything that’s damaged the tire, you should replace the motorcycle tires immediately or risk them blowing out during a ride.  

At Demon’s Cycle, your questions about products and services are important to us. Contact our team to learn more about motorcycle maintenance and find what you need in our vast inventory of motorcycle parts, accessories, and more.

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