Kickstand Spring Removal and Installation

How to Perform a Kickstand Spring Removal and Installation On Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Aug 11, '20

If you notice that your Harley-Davidson kickstand—or jiffy stand, as Harley Davidson calls it—spring needs to be replaced or you want to take your custom design to the next level, our team here at Demon’s Cycle can help. We make it easy to address kickstand spring problems and fix them right at home. Here’s what you need to know about how to remove a motorcycle kickstand spring on your Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight, Roadster, or other bike.

Do I Need to Replace the Spring on My Harley-Davidson Kickstand?

While the kickstand is a pretty innovative and reliable piece of motorcycle technology, it still needs an upgrade from time to time. If you notice that the spring is no longer holding the kickstand up against the frame or if it seems looser than usual, then it’s time to replace your kickstand spring.

New kickstand springs are very inexpensive and can make your bike safer when you’re riding—since you won’t need to worry about your stand coming loose—and when your bike is parked. The process is relatively easy, and our team is here to help every step of the way.

How to Remove a Motorcycle Kickstand Spring on a Harley

Step One: Secure Your Bike and Yourself

You’ll want to have a buddy on hand for this process, in order to keep your bike in position as you work on the kickstand. Another option is to prop it securely up against the wall and then chock the back tire with a block.

It’s essential that you have safety goggles for everyone in the vicinity when working on your kickstand spring. There are a few ways to approach kickstand spring removal and replacement, but you always want to be extra careful when working with springs and parts under high pressure.

Step Two: Use a Wrench to Remove the Top Bolt

You’ll want to keep your motorcycle kickstand in the folded position and begin by removing the top bolt that holds the kickstand system in place. Keep the stand in position as you remove the bolt and washers. Place them off to the side.

Step Three: Extend Your Kickstand Fully

Rotate your kickstand 180° or as far as it will go, which will be significantly past the point where it normally stops. Do this slowly and keep your hand carefully on the spring to prevent damage or accidents. At this stage, the spring should release easily.

It’s a good idea to have a stack of pennies or washers around. You’ll need them for later, but if you’re struggling to get your spring loose, you can slide pennies between the coils and secure them in place with electrical tape. This will help to loosen the spring and make it easier for you to remove it.

How to Replace a Motorcycle Kickstand Spring on a Harley

Step Four: Hang Your New Spring

It’s possible that you were able to take the spring off with ease but putting on a stiff new spring can be a little more challenging. You’re going to want to have pennies on hand for this (and be sure to wear your protective eye gear, in case one gets loose.) Begin by hanging your new spring from the hole in the bottom of the kickstand mount and letting it dangle.

Step Five: Clean Your Jiffy Stand

Your kickstand is probably greasy from the road, so take a moment to clean it off and look for any signs of damage or wear. If everything is in good shape, then you can add a layer of anti-seize grease and insert it into the mount. At this stage, hook the new spring into the tab on the kickstand, taking care to insert it on the close side. If you insert your spring by going under the kickstand, the spring will be too tight.

Flip your kickstand so it’s at just about 12 o’clock and then return your lock block to the top of your stand mount. Apply some Blue Loctite to your bolts and return them to position. Tighten the bolt by hand and then use a wrench to torque it down to 15-20lbs, or the appropriate force as indicated by your service manual.

Step Six: Test it Out

Wiggle your updated jiffy stand around, making sure it moves easily and locks into place. If everything looks good, you’re ready to hit the road!

Whether you need great parts or expert advice, Demon’s Cycle is here to make servicing, upgrading, and customizing your bike easy. Explore our growing catalog of parts and trust our team with your next project today!