How to Add an Oil Cooler to Your Motorcycle

How to Install an Oil Cooler on a Motorcycle

Aug 11, '20

Motorcycle oil cooler installation is relatively easy and straight-forward, and you can begin the process right at home with the parts and tools available here at Demon’s Cycle. As the name might indicate, an oil cooler is designed to reduce the temperature of your motorcycle’s oil before it flows into the other systems, which it does by circulating the oil.

There are many reasons why you might decide to install an oil cooler for your bike. Here are just a few:

  • It prevents the oil from overheating and causing damage or corrosion to essential parts.
  • It can help to extend engine life and reduce the need for repairs or replacements.
  • It’s relatively easy to install and maintain.
  • It can help keep your vehicle running efficiently in very hot climates.
  • It can help reduce the risk of overheating during long-distance trips.

If you’re ready to install an oil cooler on your Harley-Davidson bike, this guide can help!

What to Know About Installing an Oil Cooler on a Motorcycle

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There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before you begin the oil cooler installation process, so we’ve answered some commonly asked questions.

Do Harley-Davidson motorcycles need oil coolers?

Installing an oil cooler is one of the best ways to keep your Harley-Davidson motorcycle as safe and responsive as possible, so we recommend it.

How much does it cost to replace an engine oil cooler?

If you’re performing the replacement yourself and only factoring in the cost of parts, you can find what you need for between $200-$700 on average. Performance high-quality models are available if you have specific riding needs.

Do oil coolers help Harley engines?

Absolutely. They’ll work to reduce overheating and help to extend engine longevity and health. Whether you’re driving closer to home or out on the open road, they can be very helpful.

How to Install an Oil Cooler on Your Harley Motorcycle

Step 1: Drain the Oil

Excess oil can cause damage and stains, so be certain your oil is drained completely before you begin.

Step 2: Remove Wire Harnesses

You’ll need to make room to work, so check for any wire harnesses that need to be disconnected or removed and place them carefully to the side.

Step 3: Install the Oil Cooler

Have your oil cooler installation instructions and owner’s manual close at hand, because each motorcycle and oil cooling system is slightly different. If you’re switching out an older oil cooling system for a more advanced one, first remove it carefully and place it to the side.

Step 4: Inspect Everything

You want to make sure that your oil cooler has been installed properly and that all the parts are in alignment. Double check their locations and fastenings before moving on.

Step 5: Install the Hoses

The hoses will be installed from the oil cooler to the oil line so that the oil first goes through the cooler before the rest of the motorcycle. Be sure that you lubricate the inside of your hoses before clamping them back into place. Always check that they are tightened down enough.

Step 6: Refill Your Oil

Your owner’s manual will make it easy to determine how much oil your bike needs from empty. It’s always a good idea to have a little extra on hand.

Step 7: Run the Bike

Start your bike running and allow it to warm up. You’ll want to pay close attention to the oil cooler and see if it’s warming as well and if the oil is properly flowing through the hoses with no leaks or blockages. If you notice complications that were not there previously, you’ll want to open the system again.

If all is running right, check your oil levels and top off if necessary.

Step 8: Go For a Ride

One of the best ways to determine if you installed your oil cooler properly is to take it out on the open road. You’ll be able to tell if anything needs to be fixed or replaced and hopefully notice a cooler, more responsive engine and smoother ride.

For more information on how to install an oil cooler on your Harley-Davison motorcycle and for the parts and tools that will keep it running right for years to come, trust the team here at Demon’s Cycle. We make it easy to get the resources and tools you need for every ride.