Black or Chrome El Diablo Apehanger Handlebars

Black or Chrome El Diablo Apehanger Handlebars


Transforming Your custom Harley:  

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Customizing your Harley Davidson starts with having the right feel.
Keeping your back straight can make even the longest rides more comfortable. Imagine having the feel of an entirely new bike and all you have to do is upgrade to Apehanger Handlebars!

What makes Demons Cycle different from other Harley Davidson motorcycle parts distributors is that we focus on helping you transform your motorcycle to fit what you want, not what we think you want. We may sell more handlebars than anyone but if you don’t know the difference between standard handlebars and apehanger ones, how can you know what you really need? We educate our customers first and then allow them to make their own decision on what parts they want for their bike. We don’t try to make a sales pitch because you have to select the parts that will transform the bike the way you want it to. When selling a part like the El Diablo Apehanger Handlebars; we focus on these three things above all else:

  1. What you need to know about the part: Apehanger handlebars are very common on Harley Davidson motorcycles. Many people actually order them when they purchase a new bike because standard ones do not offer the right feel.
    Apehangers can stand over a foot high and have a longer reach than other bars. The come in multiple designs and colors to match your bike or chrome, predrilled so that you can make the switch yourself and are even diverse in design to fit the style of any particular Harley Davidson.
  2. Why do you want them: most motorcycles are not sold with apehanger handlebars because they are more of a custom part. Standard handlebars work great for most riders but there are some distinct differences between standard ones and apehanger handlebars. The first difference you need to be aware of is comfort. Switching handlebars will give your bike a completely different feel as you will be sitting up rather than leaning forward. For some this will make the ride easier on your back.  Comfort is another word for control when talking about bikes and the more comfortable you are, the better control of the bike you will have. But control doesn’t have to do just with controlling the bike, using apehangers will actually help you with vision as you have more peripheral sitting up rather than leaning forward, and you also will benefit from being able to react faster. Think of when you are driving a car, would it be easier to make a turn sitting up right or leaning against the steering wheel? Another thing to remember with this part is its advantages if you are prone to taking long trips on your motorcycle. If you plan on taking a trip from FT. Lauderdale to Key West, from Charlotte to Raleigh or anywhere else you may want, you will have to make sure that you can sit comfortably on your bike for hours at a time and look cool.
  3. Comfort, control, type, but what about the El Diablo ones do you like: you aren’t just interested in handlebars nicknamed “devils wings” because you want more comfort. El Diablo handlebars have a unique style and design different than others and that’s why they are very popular. When you are transforming your Harley with different parts, there are always three areas of focus with each and every part you are looking to purchase; will the part improve the bike itself, will it improve the ride you have, and will it look cool. The answer when it comes to El Diablo handlebars is yes, yes and YES!

You know why you want a specific motorcycle part before you even begin to look at it. You like the design, you heard about the advantages of the feel it gives you or how it helps your bike to run. When you are transforming your motorcycle you are doing it for multiple reasons. One of the things that you look for when selecting motorcycle parts is how this part will assist in the transformation of your bike? It may impact the way the bike runs, feels or looks. In this case with the El Diablo handlebars you get all three and that’s not even the best part.

The best part is you are buying them from Demon’s Cycles. We focus on having more than just amazing prices for all of our parts. We want to educate you on each part, why you want it, what makes it different from other parts, how to install it, how it will look on your current bike and much more. We will show you how to install the handlebars, other parts you may want to consider using to upgrade your Harley Davidson, ways to give it a better feel and other information you won’t find anywhere else.

If you want to know anything about a Harley Davidson part, if you want to know exactly what you are getting, how to install it, how it will look before you even put it in your shopping cart, if you want the best prices around then the only place to shop is Demons Cycles.



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Demon's cycle custom chrome and black 10”-12”-14” -16”-18” Apehangers are a great example of a popular part that leads to a major discussion. Many choppers are sold with standard buckhorn – bullhorn 1” ugly  handlebars so most of our customers have never even rode a motorcycle with apehangers. First and foremost it has to be about comfort and control. If you feel most comfortable with standard bars then stick with them, maybe upgrade the look but stay with the style or try T-Bars.

There are a few reasons why ape hangers are popular on Harley Davidsons:

  1. Ride up straight: Leaning forward can take its toll on your back, especially on long rides. Many chopper guys find that being able to sit up straight while riding takes pressure off of their backs and allows for a more comfortable ride. Think about when you are eating at the dinner table. Are you mostly sitting straight and leaning forward a little or are you leaning forward to the point your face is almost in your food? Comfort and look is key.
  2. Better vision: Believe it or not, sitting back actually allows for better peripheral vision while riding. When you lean forward you tend to focus on what’s straight ahead, which does have its benefits. However, when you are riding you want to have as much of a peripheral view as possible. Why is that so important? Ever had a car pullout onto the road thinking they have plenty of distance between you to do so? The more vision you have, the safer the ride the more you see.
  3. Style and design: You aren’t just revamping your bike to make it run more efficient or make it safer, you want it to look cooler too. The best way to revolutionize your motorcycle is to first change how you actually look on the bike. Picture the last time everyone saw you on your bike you were leaning forward, almost as if you were hiding. Now you can unveil a brand new bike, new parts, a new look, a new identity and the first thing they will notice is you sitting straight up looking like the badass you are. Do you need another reason , ride free?

Demon's Cycles believe in educating our customers on the advantages, disadvantages and everything else there is to know about any motorcycle parts we offer. Our massive selection gives you plenty of options when remodeling your Harley Davidson. We also offer information on how to properly install every part we offer. Call us we help you via phone, online chat or email or just walk in and we show you everything in our 17000 SQ warehouse in Pompano Beach, FL. However, many of our customers prefer to have a professional do the installation which is perfectly fine, stick with what makes you comfortable.

We can still help you to make the best decisions on which Harley chopper parts you should get as well as getting the best deal. A large percentage of our customers actually purchase our parts at a low price so they can save money on the remodeling. So even if you are having someone professionally install all these parts you can still rely on us for information as well as amazing deals.

So whether it is 11/4” apehangers handle bars or any other Harley Davidson motorcycle parts, whether you need the best deal, the best information or anything else, whether you are installing these parts yourself or having someone else do it, Demon's Cycles is the best place to go for information, great deals and the best selection around. Revolutionizing your bike is not an overnight thing; it takes time, planning and research. You want your Harley to be running top notch when this is over, looking badass, and giving you the ride of your life. We understand that, we will take the time to educate you on how to do just that and make sure you are getting the best deals for the best parts. That’s what we do every single time with every single customer for over 22 years , call us we hook you up with a smile