Ape Hangers vs. T - bas

Question: Ape hangers or T-bars?

54% Voted Ape hangers
46% Voted T-bars

Ape hanger handlebars rise far above the mounting location so that the rider must reach up to use them, hence the name "apehangers". They are popular on chopper motorcycles and are available in heights from 10" up to 20" inches rise. Some jurisdictions have regulations on how high the handgrips may be above the seat. Consumers agree that ape hangers can be sometimes uncomfortable and cause pain on the shoulders, back and arms after a lengthy ride. But riders also agreed that ape hangers are far more stylish and popular for choppers. Ape hangers actually have no benefit to riders; in fact they have a negative effect on the bike's air resistance. A Wisconsin chopper enthusiast states, "I always think that Harley riders with their arms extended way up for the raised handlebars and their legs sticking way out for the extended footrests look kind of like a bug that has gone "splat" on a windshield, but that's just me."Some taller riders tend to feel different about the ape hangers and really love them. Their height and length allows them the ability to prefer the stylish ape hangers and can withstand the reach while riding their bike for any amount of time. Some like blonds some like redheads. It's a matter of taste".
Another Florida chopper enthusiast says, "I have put apes on every bike I have ever owned and I love them, I feel like apes are more comfortable because with apes and forward controls you could be in a nice laidback comfy position but Drag bars/T-bars will put you a bit more forward, unless you get some pull back risers. Personally I would go for comfort and my Harley is like a woman, I fix her up and show her off!"
Some riders say that T-bars are more comfortable and give you a natural feel while riding. The styles of the t-bars aren't found too appealing to chopper community because of their low rise look. But t-bars come in various rises from 4 to 10 inches and the height can be chosen to match the bikes stance and riders position. Many of the riders agree that the t-bar handlebars are better for handling, and allow you to ride a lot longer than those who own ape hangers on their bikes. When deciding on Handlebars it depends on your height and how you position the bars, and also preference either you go for style or comfort and handling.