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Air Cleaners Air filters and Carburators

Air Cleaners Air filters and Carburators


The design and extravagance of the air cleaner is one of the most noticeable Harley Davidson custom parts.Whether you want to have a traditional, a slightly more aggressive or a customized look, you’ve come to the right place. Our aircleaner kit selection features several designs including a black or crome air cleaner, spike , skull, maltesee cross, big sucker , teardrop air cleaners and customized 3D flames.


All of the cleaners are made of high quality billet aluminum and come in chrome or black. They guarantee easy access to the air filter elements that need to be taken out and washed on a regular basis for best proformance of your chopper. In addition, the cleaner that you choose could have significant impact on the Harley’s performance.

Many Harley owners ask themselves one primary question – how to get more power. There are two upgrade stages. The first one is simpler and it involves the selection of a free breathing air cleaner and free breathing exhaust pipe ( muffler ). Most Harley owners opt for air cleaner customization because it happens to be one of the simplest and most cost-efficient possibilities and match it with the best pipes

Changing the stock air cleaner that the motorcycle comes with will allow the engine to “breathe.” You don’t have to spend a fortune on a customized product but you should certainly make full use of the opportunity. Choosing a quality customized air cleaner like the ones available at Demon’s Cycle will affect both the appearance and the performance of your Harley or custom chopper.