6-Speed Natural Aluminum and Chrome Transmission for Harley-Davidson

'6-Speed LSD Overdrive' Complete Natural Aluminum and Chrome Transmission with Chrome Covers Fits Harley-Davidson Softail frames
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    '6-Speed LSD Overdrive'
    Complete Natural Aluminum and Chrome Transmission with Chrome Covers

    Latest 2017 year model.
    We don't offer 2003-05 models as "new", like our competitors.

    Case is cast from 356-T6 aluminum
    Chrome plated Forged Billet Trap Door
    Built with German Made Split Main and Counter Shaft Bearings

    At last there's a solution that reduces vibration and improves acceleration. When the bike hits freeway speeds, simply shift into 6th gear and lower the cruising RPM. Freeway cruising becomes more enjoyable with reduced vibration, increased gas mileage while keeping the engine in the heart of its torque band. This 6-speed transmission is complete, and ready-to-install

    Close ratio Tranny assembly.
    1st gear -2.94
    2nd gear -2.21
    3rd gear -1.6
    4th gear -1.23
    5th gear -1.00
    6th gear -0.86
    All owes to get about 5 mph more in the 1st gear, and around 450 rpms lower at the highway speeds.

    Natural Aluminum Finish with Chrome

    Fits Harley-Davidson Softail frames
    and custom application.

    You can easily use this transmission for 2000-Up Twin Cam 6-speed conversion. Transmission body is different but the internal structure (gears) are the same, so you can swap the 6-speed gears with your original 5 speed gears and end up with 6-speed transmission on your bike and a 5-speed transmission that you can sell and cover your expenses making the whole swap virtually free.

    So all you do is swap gears and resell the new case with used 5 speed gears.

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