26" x 3.5" Chrome Mammoth 48 Fat Spokes Front Wheel for Harley-Davidson Single Disc

26" x 3.5" Chrome 48 Fat Spokes Front Wide Glide Wheel with BILLET HUB MAMMOTH To fit any Harley-Davidson Single Disc models and custom application

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SKU: 26x35 Chrome Fat Spoke 37540

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    26" x 3.5" Chrome 48 Fat Spokes Front Wide Glide Wheel


    To fit any Harley-Davidson Single Disc models and custom application

    26" x 3.5" Single disc Wide Glide front for 3/4" axle or 1" axle (second set of bearings and spacer are included)
    This is the best spoked wheel you can get. The craftsmanship and quality are surpassed by none. The thick spokes and Billet hub are plated with show quality chrome.
    Wheel comes with chrome billet hub and bearings, sealed for TUBELESS application
    Sets available


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