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Nobody knows everything and even famous master-builders need an advise once in awhile. Here is collection of motorcycle books that would make any motorcycle enthusiast proud. These books cover in great detail all steps of Harley-Davidson maintenance, service, fixing and customization. All the instructions are presented in step-by-step format with illustrations, schematics and wiring diagrams. If you are working on custom chopper building project some of these books are a must. You will get the information on selection of custom motorcycle parts, frames, proper measurements of rolling chassis and drive train fitment. Most experienced experts are offering their knowledge of sheet metal fabrication, welding, painting and pin striping. You can also find great tips and and tricks on how to build a custom chopper or Harley bobber on a budget.
If a book can prevent you from making just one mistake in your custom bike building project it already paid for itself many times over.

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    Demon's Cycle South Inc. Presents:
    Custom Bike Building

    If you've ever considered building your own bike, this film's for you. It's really possible to do it yourself. This video proves it. It shows you the Step-by-Step process of custom motorcycle building. All the way from designing your future bike. We start from square one, assuming you've never picked up a wrench. Our 8 hot girls show you how to assemble your own award winning "masterpiece in metal".
    Build your confidence and avoid costly mistakes. You don't have to be a master mechanic to build a motorcycle. You'll see that even girls can do it. And it sure is fun to watch. Better believe it! All you need is this video to get you there and guide you every step of the way.

    All instructions are demonstrated and narrated by Shannon Michelle from PLAYBOY TV and the crew of Demon's Cycle South Inc., and eight (8) hot girls! This video features different types of custom motorcycles from old school choppers to Euro-style street-fighters. It also shows you how to build a 10k bike- not an overpriced 100k chopper. You'll learn simple tricks and techniques that will make the bike building or fixing process fast and painless and your future motorcycle reliable and attractive. It is also very helpful to anyone who prefers to fix his own bike without having to pay for a professional mechanic. This is your single best movie into building any custom bike. This video alone will assure your success in building any type of custom bike. Or even customizing your current bike. Let the "Demon's Cycle Girls" show you how easy and fun it really is. Get it quick and begin building it right now.

    Here is your chance to take the "insider's shortcut" into the creation of your own custom chopper. Finally, a SIMPLE dvd-based training and instruction system that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to properly and professionally assemble the bike of your dreams and fun to watch (and does it with the help of some very sexy ladies). You'll save hundreds of hours of painful frustration and senseless spending of your hard earned cash by getting this video and watching the "Demon's girls" show you how.

    This affordable video makes a great gift for any
    motorcycle enthusiast.

    FREE bonus features include:

    How to party like a player at the famous "Booby Trap" gentlemen's club. Miami. (Not R rated, but fun to watch).

    Full discount parts catalog in DVD format.

    Free high quality pics of hot models and custom motorcycles.


    Comedy                   - "Wrong number".




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  3. Terry the tramp. The Life and Dangerous Times of a One Percenter. K. Randall Ball. Biker Book

    Terry the tramp. The Life and Dangerous Times of a One Percenter. K. Randall Ball. Biker Book


    TERRY THE TRAMP The Life and Dangerous Times of a One Percenter Motorbooks. Author: K. Randall Ball Hardcover, 272 Pages Some folks find their way to the bright white side of the tracks, but there is a small percentage who run through the dark alleys of life. Even a smaller portion of those survive. Terry the Tramp, born in 1947 to a broken middle-class home in Alhambra, California, grew up with a violent chip on his shoulder. Terry became the international president of one of the most notorious one-percenter motorcycle clubs in southern California, the Vagos MC, and remained in office through upheaval, indictments, drugs, and gang wars for 26 years, until he was unceremoniously extricated. He is still a member after 42 years and never went to prison until 2010. This book takes the reader on a turbulent ride through Terry's notorious life, each page sizzling with violent tales wrapped in a razor-sharp edge. Through it all, we come to learn what propelled this stout, unassuming man into a leadership role lasting over two decades. About the Author In addition to being a former member of the Hells Angels MC (in good standing), author K. Randall Ball has edited and published rumbling motorcycle magazines for over 40 years. He currently publishes Bikernet.com, the largest custom motorcycle website in the world, with over 125,000 unique users coming to his site every month. Ball has written four motorcycle novels and two nonfiction books.

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