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Custom Harley & Chopper Motorcycle Parts

Demon's Cycle Inc. started as a custom built motorcycle company over seventeen years ago by Tom "the German". Demon's quickly established its reputation as a pioneer of radical motorcycle designs, euro style bikes and custom chopper concepts. Tom's creations have been praised by countless magazines and have stolen the spotlight in numerous bike shows all over the country.

Demon's Cycle today is a multi million dollar wholesale company with its headquarters in Pompano Florida as well as locations around the world. In addition to bringing new and innovative ideas to custom motorcycle design, we have broadened our focus to sales of the finest custom motorcycle parts. Utilizing our tremendous buying power, we are able to sell to the public at prices below dealer cost. This enables our ever growing clientele to buy at or below wholesale prices.
We are confident that you will find Demon's Cycle Inc. Online Store prices to be simply unbeatable and make us your favorite place to shop for all your motorcycle custom parts.

Custom Motorcycle Parts

Putting our custom bike building experience to good use we offer affordable and well designed frames - rolling chassis to start your project. You can find anything you need to put your dream ride together, from choice of transmissions down to LED turn signals. We offer a wide variety of high quality custom frames in pro-street and chopper style, chrome billet and springer front ends in many lengths and styles, handlebars, T-bars, ape hangers and hand controls, designer forward controls, stretched gas tanks, softail style and old school oil tanks, leather seats for bobbers and customs as well as regular bikes, fenders of different shapes and widths, stylish chrome billet headlights, grips, more then 50 styles of custom mirrors, side mount license plate brackets, open belt primaries, shift rods, starters, chrome billet wheels, pulleys, tires ,brakes, exhausts, shocks, kickstands, switches, air cleaners, sportster parts, Harley-Davidson manuals etc. We also help you to start your project right with "Custom Bike Building 101" training video made by us. Anything you need to customize your bike, make sure to look in our store.

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  1. 5 3/4" Black Dual LED Projection Headlight with Fairing for ALL Harley FLTR Models 2004-2013

    5 3/4" Black Dual LED Projection Headlight with Fairing for ALL Harley FLTR Models 2004-2013


    5 3/4" Dual LED Projection Headlights with Fairing for All Harley FLTR Models (2004-2013)

    Increase your visibility and enhance your night time riding experience with this replacement for your halogen light! The new LED DAYMAKER Headlamp produces light far superior to that of conventional halogen lamps, with a color temperature of 6,000, closer to the color temperature of daylight providing better visibility. Complex Reflector design provides unmatched performance while providing the appearance of a traditional headlamp. The maintenance-free lamp uses a solid-state, bulb-free system that's impervious to damage caused by shock and vibration, with a military grade, die-cast aluminum housing, non-yellowing polycarbonate lens and a scratch-resistant hard coating to protect against damage from impact, roadside debris and other hazards. Passing lamps complex reflector complements the look of the headlamp.

    • Advanced LED technology has significantly reduced LED headlamp current draw compared to halogen products, to 45 WATT high beam and 30 WATT low beam, allowing more power for other vehicle requirements & extending alternator life.
    • Uses standard, H4, 3-blade wiring connector.
    • LUMENS: 3600-HIGH  2400-LOW
    • Lifespan: Appx 50,000 Hours
    Fits: 2004-2013 Road Glide Models.
    2013- Road Glide Ultra FLTRU, Road Glide Custom FLTRX, CVO Road Glide Custom FLTRXSE2
    2012- Road Glide Ultra FLTRU, Road Glide Custom FLTRX, CVO Road Glide Custom FLTRXSE
    2011- Road Glide Ultra FLTRU, Road Glide Custom FLTRX, CVO Road Glide Custom FLTRXSE
    2010- Road Glide Custom FLTRX
    2009- Road Glide FLTR, CVO Road Glide FLTRSE3
    2008- Road Glide FLTR
    2007- Road Glide FLTR
    2006- Road Glide EFI FLTRI
    2005- Road Glide EFI FLTRI
    2004- Road Glide EFI FLTRI
    Compare to Harley Davidson’s PN 67700112 which retails for $749.95



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  2. Demon's 114ci Harley-Davidson Evolution-Style Engine Natural and Chrome Finish

    Demon's 114ci Harley-Davidson Evolution-Style Engine Natural and Chrome Finish


    "Demon's 114"
    114ci 4" Bore Polished Engine
    by Ultima






    *Notice: This engine is FACTORY ASSEMBLED. Some of our competitors, especially on eBay, offer engines that are self assembled from spare parts at a lower price. Do not take a risk on a non-factory assembled engine!

    Demon's 114ci 4" bore Engine

    Here at Demon's Cycle we saw a lot of potential in Ultima's 113ci engines. However we thought of a few ways to drastically improve the performance of this engine. We went into partnership with Ultima and after reengenering and implementation of our proposals we are happy to introduce all new 2010 "Demon's 114ci" motor.

    Here are the main differences between Ultima 113ci engine and Demon's 114ci:

    The 113 has a 4 1/2 in stroke and a 4" bore. The 113 is an under square motor (more stroke than bore) and  has much higher piston speed (linear feet per second) than  the Demon's 114" which has a 4" stroke and 4 1/4 bore. We have managed to reduce piston speed in Demon's 114" Motor's.
    This reduction in piston speed results in less wear on the cylinder walls and piston skirts. So its the most reliable engine out there on today's market. This is your future engine and we sell it for the same price as a 113" Ultima engine with special air cleaner , better rocker boxes and thicker head gasket for more reliability and dependability.
    Also, the increase in rod ratio (rod length divided by stroke) lessens the side load on the cylinder walls, reducing friction, heat, and allowing a much more free revving motor.
    By utilizing the MWM 248 cam we were able to retain the great torque characteristics down low and with the increased cylinder fill provided by the increased rod ratio, the Demon's 114 will still pull very hard on the top end.
    Another advantage of the shorter stroke is that the Demon's 114" is smoother than the 113. Being based on the 4 1/4" bore engine family, the Demon's 114" has the much stronger 3 piece crankshaft  used in the 120/127/130/140 series of motors, along with the much stronger rods.
    Billet rocker boxes with holes allow for much better cooling and breathing of the engine.
    Demon's custom billet air intake system allows for much better air flow and unrestricted performance.

    We should mention that the Demon's 114 is .125 shorter than a 120/127 for those early Softail frames that are a bitch to fit a 120/127 in. And, a lot more exhaust systems will fit with less hassle than on a 120/127.

    "Demon's" series engines which are designed to provide our customers with a USA built High Performance engine that was priced to be the best value of any engines now on the market. Ultima's commitment engineering excellence and competitive pricing brought Demon's 114 to life with a completely new design set of castings emphasizing performance, reliability, and value.

    All of the castings in these Engines are poured in US foundries and are based on all new CAD designs cast from C355 Aluminum a common US Military alloy known for its stability over multiple heat cycles. The engine components are machined on state of the art CNC equipment for guaranteed dimensional accuracy and repeatability. All of our engines are dynamically balanced using proprietary methods to provide the smoothest running engines on the market and now with our new high flow cylinder heads these engines now can boast the most powerful engines on the market as well!!

    We think that you will agree these engines are the best value anywhere.

    Product Specifications/ Highlights Demon's 114 Ci

    Bore: 4.25"

    Stroke: 4.0"

    Piston: Mahle Forged

    Compression: 10.4:1

    Rated Power: 127RW Horsepower

    130 LB FT Torque

    Chrome Nose Cone/Rocker Boxes

    Billet Oil Pump/Tappet Blocks

    Ultima R1 Carburetor

    All fins are machined for excellent cosmetic appearance

    Twin Cam Styling

    30 % More fin than most Evo style heads for cooler running


    Complete Demon's 114 CI Engine-- Polish Finish
    Ultima is proud to introduce our performance carburetors, directly interchangeable with S&S Super G Carburetors. Ultima carburetors will accept S&S jets and S&S bolt pattern air filter assemblies.
    Patented design improvements - a relocated accelerator pump nozzle for increased throttle response and THUNDER JETS are a bolt on! Simply remove the plugs and screw in the Thunder Jet. No expensive machining required!



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  3. Black 14" Rise Universal Ape Hangers "Frisco" Chubby's 1-1/4" Diameter Handlebars Harley Motorcycles

    Black 14" Rise Universal Ape Hangers "Frisco" Chubby's 1-1/4" Diameter Handlebars Harley Motorcycles


    14" Rise 1-1/4" Handlebars

    To fit Harley-Davidson FLST, FXST, Sportster XL, including Throttle-by-wire models, and any custom application.
    Chopper freaks in the 1960's cooked up some pretty wild handlebars for their custom death traps, especially in California's fabled San Francisco Bay Area. Chubby Frisco bar pays homage to the bikes of guys like Sonny Barger, Arlen Ness and Tobie Gene Levingston.
    Black Powdercoated!
    14" rise. 6" backward sweep. 1 1/4"-diameter. Center section and tips taper to 1" so that standard handlebar controls fit.
    3-1/2 on-center knurling for firm mounting.
    34-1/2" wide from tip to tip.
    Come with drilled wiring holes.
    Black finish

    How to Install New Handlebar

    Ever notice how most fine artists depict the devil? They draw this demon
    from hells wings as having sharp angles. This vision was not lost on
    Demons Cycles. Its new 1 1/4"-inch El Diablo handlebars sure remind us of
    devil wings. No matter the imagery, we thought they have a real cool look, as
    did Navy Seaman Mario Guerrero.

    1. The El Diablo handlebars owe their sinister look to their severe angles and gusset plates. They are

    fabricated from 1 1/4-nch tubing and powder coated black.

    2. Our starting point, a 2007 Dyna Street-Bob: the dash, gas tank, and hand controls already have been removed.

    3. The new handlebars have oblong holes to run the control wiring in and out through.

    4.  air nozzle is used to blow the lead  string through the bars,Then a length of
    rope is attached to the string and pulled through
    the bars.

    5. The rope was used to pull the controls wire harnesses through the bars.

    6. The factory risers wer used to mount the new bars.

    7. Because the bars are T inch in diameter at  their center mounting position, a stock
    clamp was used

    8. The control switches were mounted to the bars and their harnesses fined over the top triple tree and routed into the frame.

    9. The switch wiring exits the front of the switch housing and into the bars.

    10. Once the switch houseing were in the place the front brake and clutch levers were attached to the bars

    11. These stunning bars sure remind us of devil wings.

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  4. Chrome Billet License Plate Bracket and Side Mount Taillight for Harley-Davidson

    Chrome Billet License Plate Frame and Side Mount Taillight for Harley-Davidson


    Chrome Billet Aluminum
    Diamond Sidemount LED Taillight
    and License Plate Frame


    Nobody has brighter LED. The quality supersedes anything you can find by far. This one is so bright you have to see the pictures of the directed light pattern that we took. SEE the difference!

    CNC Machined from Billet aluminum.
    Ultra bright dual intensity directional LED taillight and brake light combination.
    Interchangeable clear and red lenses.
    (Can be used as a red light with blue dot in the center if clear lens is used or as all red light with red lens)
    Separate LED light for license plate illumination.

    Features show quality triple-plated chrome finish.
    Billet aluminum license frame has hidden hardware and and channeled wiring for a clean look.
    May be used on early or late-model Harley-Davidson bikes with 1" or 3/4" rear axle.
    Spacer for 3/4" axle is included.

    Will fit any bike: Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and a "must have"
    for any custom chopper.

    Made in USA

    Red lens and spacer for 3/4" axle.

    LED lights as seeing through clear lens
    Notice the blue LED light in the middle.
    separate tag illuminating LED is also visible on the bottom.

    Pattern of directional light through the clear lens
    Notice purple tint caused by blue LED in the center.

    LED lights as seeing through red lens
    Notice that the blue LED light in the middle is not visible when red lens installed.

    Pattern of directional light through the red lens

    LED diamond brake light shining that perfect round pattern on the wall

    You will not find a brighter set-up!
    (check out tag illuminating LED)

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  5. Chrome Billet Custom Headlight 5-3/4" Tri-Bar DOT for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles tribar

    Chrome Billet Custom Headlight 5-3/4" Tri-Bar DOT for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles tribar


    Chrome Billet
    Complete Chrome Tri-Bar
    Headlamp Assembly

    Lean, mean, clean styling in a chrome 5-3/4" headlight assembly machined from billet aluminum with a hooded rim design.
    7" overall length
    6" overall width

    Includes the mounting block and 55/60W H4 halogen bulb. High/Low beam.
    Billet headlights like this one retail anywhere from $165 to $600. This is your chance to buy the same for the fraction of the cost.

    DOT approved and marked.

    Fits Harley-Davidson models
    and any custom application even springers
    can also be used on Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Victory.

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  6. Custom Stretched Gas Tank for Harley-Davidson Baggers Dressers 08-15 FLHT FLTR Like Paul Yaffe Bagger Nation

    Custom Stretched Gas Tank for Harley-Davidson Baggers Dressers 08-15 FLHT FLTR Like Paul Yaffe Bagger Nation


    6.6 Gallon Custom Stretched Gas Tank for Touring Models

    Our original custom gas tank for Harley Baggers is similar to PYO Paul Yaffe's Originals / Bagger Nation gas tank, but is in fact a better tank. Our tank's quality is superior and size is larger allowing for whopping 6.6 gallon fuel capacity for longer non-stop trips.

    Flowing and elegant lines that perfectly compliment the stance of your Bagger. This tank is a 6.6 gallon one-piece stretched unit with a custom steel dash.

    Tank kit includes a 6.6 gallon tank, custom low profile steel dash, chrome pop-up gas cap, rubber trim and any necessary mounting brackets (welded to the tank).

    The sleek, low-profile design was extra-long just for stretched tanks for baggers dressers roadkings and all kind of custom flh bikes.

    This is tank is manufactured out of high quality steel and is much better than leaky knock-off tanks.

    28" long
    19" wide
    22" between main mounting holes.

    Fits 2008-15 Harley-Davidson Touring FLHT/FLTR models
    Will fit Road King 2008-15 models with custom dash modifications
    May custom fit 2003-07 Touring models


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  7. 21 x 3.5" 18 x 3.5" Set of All Black Mammoth 52 Twisted Black Spokes for Harley-Davidson FLH FLHT FLHR Dressers Baggers 2008-Present

    21 x 3.5" 18 x 3.5" Set of All Black Mammoth 52 Twisted Black Spokes for Harley-Davidson FLH FLHT FLHR Dressers Baggers 2008-Present


    Set of 21" x 3.5" - 18" x 3.5"
    All Black Mammoth 52 Smooth Spoke Wheels


    To fit any Harley-Davidson Dual Disc FLH models and custom application
    Made to fit 2008-Present Harley-Davidson FLH, FLHX, FLHR, FLHT, FLHTC, FLTR touring models.


    21" x 3.5" Dual disc front for 25mm axle with or without ABS
    18"x 3.5" wide rear for 1"axle

    These are the best spoked wheels you can get. The craftsmanship and quality are surpassed by none. These are one of a kind custom wheels to make your bike very UNIQUE!! The All Black Spokes makes a loud impression!

    Wheels come with Black billet hubs and bearings, sealed for TUBELESS application

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